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Victoria Chadwick

Women's Coaching Copywriter


Have you ever asked yourself: ‘Where will I go from here?’

That was me during the summer of 2020.

I was on the point of panic.

I’d only recently landed a job at a newly-opened theatre venue. I’d been hopeful of starting a career in arts and entertainment.

But not long into March, theatres closed, mine included.

My career had turned on its head due to something called lockdown.

I found myself stuck at home, taking on content-writing to get by.

Where were my hopes and dreams now? I thought to myself.

When these feelings hit, it's like you're lost.

Trapped, trying to find your way out.

Like many others in 2020, I turned to creative outlets to deal with the quarantines.

Journaling on the quiet.

Re-discovering my 'inner-scribbler.'

Trying to write the cliche 'lockdown novel.' (What aspiring author hasn't?!)

At the same time, I'd use yoga to unwind and banish negative energy.

There's real discipline in the practice of yoga. A balance achieved through stretching and deep breathing that elevates the mind.

And that summer, I realised I wanted the same level of balance for my career.

To marry my neglected writing skills with my knowledge of content and marketing.

I realised most of us are on a journey.

Wherever we are - and whatever’s going on around us - we’re seeking something.

Fulfillment. Inner peace. A unique path.

Which is when I realized I wanted to use my writing skills to help other women on the same path I am.

In particular, I write for course creators and coaches dedicated to lifting women up through the power of entrepreneurship.


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